uponGreat question. Let me show you an example / comparison with our typical competitive offerings. Let's say it is Halloween time and people are busy buying costumes for their kids. There are 3 different ways people can save. Yazing, the cashback sites, or the coupon code sites.

Here is how Yazing's savings for Costume SuperCenter stack up to our competitors:

So let's say you decide to purchase from Costume SuperCenter and each of the three will give you the same or similar cash saving coupon codes currently being offered by the company.  Costume SuperCenter offers 26% commission for every transaction generated by their partners. The coupon code sites keep the full 26% for themselves. The regular cash back sites take a portion of the money for themselves and share the rest with their members. Yazing passes the full 26% on to our members.

Then Yazing goes one step further, and we let our members become the coupon code site for themselves and keep the full 26% when they promote the cash saving coupons and generate costume sales. You become your personal coupon code site for each brand. Example, http://yazing.com/deals/costumesupercenter/adam you will see that adam referred you as the Yazing member and will earn 26% on each transaction.  If you use this Costume SuperCenter Deals link, james will get paid the 26% cash reward on each sale. (Note: If you are a Yazing member, you will need to log out of your account in order to see how referral pages will look, logged in members always claim the cash rewards for themselves.)

The next logical question is how does Yazing make money?