We have been getting this question a lot.  It typically goes like this:

"So I understand that Yazing gives members 100% of the cash rewards available for each transaction, so how does Yazing make money?

We strongly believe that the best platforms of the future won't need to subtract value from it's members in order to make money.  

So how can we pass through 100% of the cash rewards for purchase our members make and recommend and still make money?

This is where it gets interesting. As our members make recommendations and post their customized links on their blogs and social media accounts, the search engines see those links and begin to increase the rankings of that brand's deal page on Yazing in their search engine.  When our deal pages get non-member referred traffic from the search engines, we earn the commissions on those transactions.

Everybody wins! Our members maximize their savings, cash back, and referral commissions, our brands highly desired blog & social media mentions, traffic, referrals & sales, and Yazing makes money without taking anything away from our members.