There are two sections in your Yazing dashboard.  Transactions History and Shopping Clicks.

Under Shopping Clicks, you will see ALL valid outbound clicks from Yazing to the brands you are shipping from or promoting.   There are two types of shopping clicks, "Shopping" for your own personal cashback shopping clicks and "Referral" for visitors who have come through your promoted referral links. 

These shopping visits are only clicks, and are NOT an indication of sales.  If these clicks result in sales, the brands will report those sales back to us and then pending commissions will show up in the Transaction History section of your Yazing dashboard, usually the following day after a purchase was made (sometimes a little longer for some brands).  Cash Rewards will remain pending in your account until the brands have validated and paid Yazing for those transactions, at which time you will be automatically sent a payment via PayPal to your email address on file