You must link to the deal pages on Yazing using the exact URLs we provide in order for transactions to track to your account.  Bypassing Yazing's landing pages or using the /go links is a violation of Yazing's terms of services and will prevent any clicks and sales from registering in your account.

While we don't currently support product level landing pages on Yazing, this is a feature we are hoping to build in the near future.  In the meantime there are a number of different types of landing pages that you can promote in order to earn commissions:

Any Brand's Deal Page - You can easily promote any brand's current deal and coupon code page on Yazing using the promote to earn buttons.  Here is an example deal page for Walmart, simply replace the username "adam" at the end with your own username.

Top Deals Pages - You can promote any of the top deals pages using your promote to earn buttons.  We currently have deal pages for Top Coupon Codes, Expiring Deals, Free Trial Deals, and Free Shipping Deals.  The url structure is the same, simply add /username to the end of the URLs or click the promote to earn button you see when you are logged into your Yazing account.

Category Level Deal Pages - Any of the deal pages above can be filtered by category, and those category level pages can be promoted using the promote to earn buttons or by adding your username to the end. Here is an example of a page the member "adam" would use to promote the top valentine's day deals -

Please note: if you want to see the user experience of a referred visitor, you must logout of your Yazing account before clicking on a promotional links like the ones above.