There are two sets of cookies that may affect how long after someone clicks through your referral link that you will get credit for the transaction, Yazing's referral cookie, and the brand's affiliate cookie.

When you send someone through your Yazing referral link, Yazing sets a 3 day referral cookie for that shopper, so that if they come back to Yazing during those 3 days they will still show that you referred them.

Once someone clicks through a brand's shop now link, you will see a shopping visit show up in your dashboard, and the brand sets an additional cookie based on the settings of their affiliate program. Each brand sets their own duration for affiliate cookies, and these can vary widely from several days to several months.  If a sale happens during the brand's affiliate cookie duration it will still be attributed to your account and you will earn commissions on that transaction, even if it is longer than the 3 day Yazing referral cookie.