Cash Rewards will be sent out via PayPal to your email address on file.  If the email address you used is not the same as your PayPal address, you can easily update your email address or add the address on file to your PayPal account when you receive a cash reward payout.  Please note that when you change your email address, you must click on the activation link sent to the original email address to confirm the change.

Your Cash Rewards will be delivered after Yazing has received payment from the brands. This typically occurs 30-90 days after the transaction happens.  Many brands pay at the end of the month for the prior month's transactions, so if your transaction happened last month, you will most likely see a payment at the end of this month.

Note: Some stores take longer to pay than others, and travel brands typically take a little longer as the commissions are not considered earned until the stay occurs.

Processing Fees:

Starting in March 2019, Yazing will add a small 10% payment processing and services fee to all payments.