Good question, each Yazing member chooses a username when they join the platform.

Yazing partners with each brand through the brand’s affiliate program that tracks each transaction. With each click to the brand’s site, we pass the username of the person responsible for the referral. When transactions occur, the username that is associated with the sale is returned to Yazing so that we can award the cash to the Yazing member responsible for the sale.

For example, if someone clicks on the following link for Walmart – – they will see that “adam” referred them. When they click on a shop now link, the member's account number will be passed and recorded with the transaction. (Note: You must be logged out of your Yazing account to see what a referral link looks like)

If you believe a cashback order was placed that didn't track properly, please wait at least 5 days to see if a confirmation comes through.  If after 5 days you still haven't received a notification please submit a missing transaction report in the member dashboard. We can submit the information to the store and see if they can track it down to see what happened.

There may be any number of reasons why an order might not track properly, we have seen things like ad blockers, other cashback site's toolbars, and browser security settings mess with tracking. Additionally please make sure you are logged into your account and click on a Yazing "shop now" link as your last action before completing your purchase and that you don't use coupon codes found elsewhere.

In the dashboard you will see any valid shopping visits from your account, both cashback and referrals, as well as any pending transactions that have been reported back to us from the brands.  Transactions will show as pending until we are paid by the brand and then move to the paid tab once we have sent you payment for those transactions.